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I am Kyria Finardi, the leader of this research group and the first person in my family to have a PhD. I have two wonderful sisters who have given me wonderful nephews. I can't have children and whenever my mother introduces me, she says that I'm not a mother but... I'm a PhD and a teacher... maybe trying to give some importance to my life... I consider myself a very blessed person because I do what I like most (research/education) and in addition to getting paid for it, I meet wonderful people and learn a lot in my work, which is also my life. In this photo, taken recently, I am looking ahead and upwards, which is how I want to be in 2024... an emblematic year for me as I celebrate 10 years as leader of this group and assume leadership of another, as president of AILA. I hope I can continue to inspire and be inspired by those who walk with me on this journey


  • Adrià Jaén. Decolonising EFL teaching. Início: 2022. Dissertação (Mestrado em Master’s in TEFL University of Valencia) – Master’s in TEFL University of Valencia. (Coorientador)

  • Barbara Cortat Simoneli – (PPGE-UFES)

  • Carmina Tortosa Cerdá. Virtual reality in the English as a foreign language classroom: improving students? speaking fluency and reducing their anxiety. 2022. Dissertação (Mestrado em Máster en Formación del Profesorado de Educación Secundaria, especialidad:) – Universitat de València. Coorientador: Kyria Rebeca Finardi


Post doctoral

Program research group meetings 2024/1

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