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2021 YES3D & YESLab Webinar

Opening: The YES3D, YESLab & FAPES  initiatives


Ana Sevilla-Pavón, PhD (IULMA- Universitat de València) & Kyria Finardi, PhD (Federal University of Espírito Santo)

Entrepreneurship and linguistic competence: the elevator pitch as a didactic resource for learning English


Miguel Ángel Jordán Enamorado, PhD (IULMA / Universitat de Valencia)

Language/Business Connectives: virtual exchanges in the Spanish for Business Language Classroom. Promoting the target language in real-life contexts


Marta Fortes Saez (University of Limerick)

ICT for University Teaching: Practical Tools and Apps to Increase Student Motivation


Alberto Egea Fernández-Montesinos, PhD (Pablo de Olavide University)

Impacts of the Pandemic in Education: a paradigm shift for digital technologies?


Gabriel Amorim (Federal University of Espírito Santo) & Elisa Prado (Federal University of Espírito Santo)

Digital Technologies in ELT education in Brazil: reflections and affordances


Carlos Hildeblando (Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil) & Roberta Leão (Federal University of Espírito Santo)

Exploring informal learning processes through VELF Exchanges: innovation, accommodation, and uptake


Rino Bosso  (University of Vienna)

The interface between innovation and internationalization of higher education and knowledge transfer to small and mid-sized companies: a focus on SDG


Kyria Finardi, PhD  (Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil) & Ramón Andrés Ortiz  (Federal University of Espírito Santo)

The use of Video self-modeling for improving CFL students' Chinese sentence-level stress


Lingong Li  (Ghent University)

Knowledge Pills for Translators


Robert Martínez-Carrasco, PhD (Universitat Jaume I)

Part I – The procedure for admission as a professional por cuenta propia en España

Part II – The invoicing process in the translation industry: key elements and factors to have in the account

Who is talking to whom now? Communicative aim, roles and authenticity in the business communication (virtual) classroom


Julia Valeeiras Jurado PhD (IULMA Universitat de Valencia)

La Formación en Emprendimiento


Maria Asensio Sáez & Diana González Pastor – Universitat de València – IULMA

La Formación en Emprendimiento for Translators and Interpreters


Diana González Pastor & Maria Asensio Sáez- Universitat de València – IULMA

Closing: The 'affordances' of VR in view of supporting learning and instruction


Martin Valcke, PhD (University of Ghent)

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