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Gabriel Brito Amorim (UFES)


PhD in Linguistic Studies from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (2020) under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Kyria Finardi. Master from West Virginia University (2010) under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Cynthia Chalupa. Graduated in Letters-English from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (2005). She has experience in teaching English as a foreign language and a second language both in Brazil and in the USA. He was a teacher-trainer at the UFES Language Center for 9 years, where he also taught as a full-time professor. He is currently an effective professor at the Department of Foreign Languages at the Federal University of Goiás (UFG), in the area of English. His area of research is the internationalization of higher education in Brazil, more specifically in the evaluation of the internationalization process in the country. In addition, he is interested in the field of Linguistics, with an emphasis on applied linguistics, foreign language teaching methodologies, teacher training, creation of teaching materials, and evaluation.

Gabriel Brito Amorim's Lattes Curriculum and Orcid can be accessed at:  Gabriel AmorimCurriculum Lattes  and  Gabriel Amorim Orcid.

Gabriel's Curriculum Vitae is available at:  Gabriel Amorim CV .

Visit @gabsvix on Instagram to see lives on varied and relevant topics on Language Education and Technology”.


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Book Chapters

  • AMORIM, GB . 'Do you like music?' Experience of a project developed at CLC-UFES. In: Karen Lois Currie; José Maurienne Araujo Felipe. (Org.). Music and Language Teaching: Exploring the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. 1d.Victoria: EDUFES, 2014, v. I, p. 9-326.

  • Guimarães, Felipe Furtado ; AMORIM, GABRIEL BRITO ; FINARDI, KYRIA REBECA . Cultural Studies and the Development of Sustainable Relations for the Internationalization of Higher Education. In: Trifonas, P. (Org.). Springer International Handbooks of Education. 1ed.Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2019, v. , for. 1-16.

  • Guimaraes, FF ; AMORIM, GABRIEL B. ; FINARDI, KYRIA R. ; Piccin, GFO; MOREIRA, N. . Intercomprehension and Internationalization: Building a Sustainable Glocal Citizenship. In: Finardi, Kyria Rebeca; Scherre, Maria Marta Pereira; Tesch, Leila Maria; Carvalho, Hebe Macedo de. (Org.). The diversity of actions around language: universities, colleges and basic education in action. 1d.Campinas: Editora Pontes, 2019, v. , for. 217-230.

Other Publications

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