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Here you will find the groups and centers of studies and associations to which we are related. To learn more about groups, access our groups pages by clicking on the image or name of the desired group:

Extension Projects
Puesta de sol en el agua

Third Space in the Development of Global Citizenship: an experience of internationalization of extension

Flor de gerbera

Building Citizenship Through Language

Research Projects


Kyria Finardi runs two research projects that are registered at UFES, in which her current and former advisees are linked through the Cnpq research groups and the programs in which those projects are carried out

1) Research project PPGE 8543/2018, start: March 1st 2018(60 months), linked to PPGE and to the Cnpq research group.
Internationalization (Education field), December 8th, 2013

2) Research Project LE, MET, TEC, INT 7439/2016, start: August 1st (96 month) linked to PPGEL and to the Cnpq research group.
INTEC (linguistic field), June 22nd, 2016

EMITI – Education Multilingualism Internationalization Technology English

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