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Support for language learning and use

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In addition to the video lessons available on this page, you will find suggestions for applications and websites for language learning, and bibliographies on the use of technologies in remote language teaching that can help you with your research or design and organization of classes.

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Aplicaciones de música
Collaborative Online Whiteboards
Changing Englishes

The online course for teachers, called ‘Changing Englishes’, was originally released in 2013. An updated version of the website launched for the general public through the British Council’s global ‘TeachingEnglish’ website in April 2020. A new, fully upgraded version of the website was released in October 2020. Its Creative Commons license means the online course is free to take, and any part of it may be used and adapted for teaching/training purposes. Participants may formally register for the course and be eligible for a Certificate of Completion, having been taken through five units of research-informed interactive material.

Video classes

​Class 1 – Intro Warm Up – Roberta Leão

Class 3 - Speaking

​Class 2 – Learning from Mistakes and Listening


Class 4 - Reading


Class 5 - Writing

TOEFL® Test Preparation: The Insider's Guide


USP provides free material teaching how to write a scientific article!!


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