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12th CBLA

The 12th Brazilian Congress of Applied Linguistics (12th CBLA) was held in Vitória/ES, from July 9 to 12, 2019 to discuss the role of the applied linguist in different discursive domains and ways to better disseminate the knowledge built in the area. With the theme “Transiting and transposing (in) Applied Linguistics”, the 12th CBLA had 4 conferences, 3 round tables, 8 invited symposia, 1 plenary of balances and perspectives, in addition to about 600 thematic communications and 100 posters.

The participants of the 12th CBLA who submitted work were members of the Associação de Linguística Aplicada do Brasil (ALAB).

​ The ALAB website can be accessed at

Flores azules

Notebook of abstracts and certificates of the 12th CBLA

Camino de la selva oscura

Thematic Lines and Programming of the 12th CBLA

Pasillo oscuro

Event Location: Espirito Santo

Composición Brown Bagel

Organization and Scientific Committee of the 12th CBLA

Fondo degradado


Edificio de miedo

book launch

Fondo negro

Books released

Windows en la noche

Media of the 12th CBLA



On behalf of the organizers of the 12th CBLA, Kyria Finardi, Christine Almeida and Gabriel Brito Amorim, we would like to thank everyone who contributed, directly or indirectly, to the realization and brilliance of the event.

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